Barceona gay nightlife starts vey late and only in weekends it gets busy. For the Saturday Salvation or Martins is the place to go. On Sundays the gay tea dance is very popular.

Gay clubs

Arena Madre
Carrer de Balmes, 32
Arena Madre is the only Arena which is still mainly gay. Probably because of the big darkroom and the erotic shows during the week. [...]
tue-sun 00:30–05:30
El Cangrejo
Villarroel 86
Large gay dance bar. El Cangrejo plays the best Spanish Pop Music together with all the well known hits of the 70s and 80s.
fri-sat 00:00–03:00
Carrer de Sepúlveda, 185
Just renovated and popular gay club, freshly painted and close to the gay bars. Thursdays only one area open, but in the weekend both of 2 areas are open to the dancing public. [...]
mon 01:00–05:00, tue-thu 00:00–05:00, fri-sat 00:00–06:00, sun 00:00–05:00

Gay parties, circuit parties, after parties, etc

Gay Day - La Madame
Ronda Sant Pere, 19
Every Sunday this Summer, "Gay Day" returns to the Barcleona scene, with a new look and the city's fashionable touch. [...]
sun 00:00– late

Gay friendly, mixed and str8 clubs and parties

Matinee Easter Weekend - various locations
Matinee throws in an Easter Weekend with international top DJ's and party brands like We, The Week, Devotion and MegaWoof!