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G.O.D (Guys On Display)

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1 months ago   

Their arrogant DJ made me not wanting to come back ever again. I even told my friends about it. He's ugly, arrogant and such an ass. Their Dancers are nice and friends but the bouncers and security are the opposite. I lost my iPhone but they totally ignored me. BE EXTRA CAREFUL OF YOUR WALLET AND PHONES WHEN YOU'RE INSIDE!

Bangkok Gay Pride

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6 months ago   

Hi Guys,
Just want to let some information about the party in Bangkok. You can visit the website to stay connected with the news and the program of all the clubs & bars of Soi11. This street is full of clubs and bars really fun. They are not all same, that makes the attraction. I found a lot of gay bars…! And the good news is that many new clubs are coming soon! I used to go there and I really love this area. Let's have a look and come to enjoy the party! More we are, more party is fun!

The Babylon Bangkok

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6 months ago

In response to Steve Smith who posted a while ago regarding thieves and the position of the management
I have been living in Bangkok for more than two decades, went to the early Babylon but have never been to the one you are referring to although my life partner went there on a weekly basis for ten years plus.
Yes, there are some thieves, some were caught, some were not ( maybe ) but I DO NOT BElIEVE your story for a second, for two reasons
1) if, as you said, your locker was tampered with, then there would be a witness: the camera. They are all around the place and it is a well monitored closed circuit ( they even post pictures of the culprit in action whenever it happens )
2) if you had informed the management, the last they would have suggested would be "their lack of interest" They would have taken immediate action, as it is the case every time: they notify the Police who turn up very quickly at the place
Of course, one cannot always avoid being tricked but if there is one safe place in Bangkok: it is the Babylon
It is an institution aware of bad publicity , which they don't deserve

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