Amsterdam - Netherlands

I am a guy from Amsterdam not into any particular scene, but very interested in MEN, the gruff kind. I am 34 years old and would like to catch up with any guy that is passionate and fun to hang with. I am best described as casual, always wearing jeans and t-shirts, faves are Carhartt and Adidas. One day I look fashionable, the other I am scruffy and unshaven. I like best of both worlds. I love people who are straight forward and honest. Hate beating around the bush.

Of course the best feature (in the end) is always someones personality. Mine is playful at times and at other times I am capable of launching into deep matter. Like I said, my ying and yang are very black and white.

You can be afraid of commitment, but at least be honest about it. The guys I go for are never too deep into a scene. You might like to wear leather but not necessarily to your moms house. It would be great if we at least share some of my passions, my biggest are my friends and family, reading and writing, and last, but not least, music. If you have heard of Franz Ferdinand, The Arcade Fire, Iron & WineJoy Division and Rosn Murphy youre quite the man. If you actually like all five; wow .

Right now I am not much into commitment. Just buddies. Doing


Favorite places

Club Cockring (closed) — Club Cockring