Gay bars and cafes

Amsterdam has quite a lot gay bars. Most places get busy just in the weekend.

A very nice place to start your evening is bar Prik, close to Dam square. Most other bars can be found on Reguliersdwarsstraat and Amstel near Rembrandsquar, and on Zeedijk and Warmoeststraat near the Central Station.

Gay bars, cafes and pubs

logo Amstel Fifty-Four Amstel Fifty-Four
Amstel 54, 1017 AB, Centrum
Amstel Fifty-Four is located on the Amstel river, not surprisingly at number 54. In the bar they play music from the pop charts, Eurovision, some Dutch music. [...]
mon-thu 17:00–03:00, fri-sat 17:00–04:00, sun 17:00–03:00
Cafe Fame
Amstel 50, 1017 AB, Centrum
Cafe Fame (formerly Chez) is a small gay bar at the Amstel area. Mostly a younger crowd. [...]
mon-thu 16:00–03:00, fri-sat 16:00–04:00, sun 16:00–03:00
Amstel 178, 1017 AE, Amsterdam
New gay night club
thu 21:00–04:00, fri-sat 21:00–05:00, sun 21:00–04:00
logo Getto Getto
Warmoesstraat 51, Warmoesstraat / Zeedijk
Getto is a gay owned cocktail bar/restaurant serving the community for more than 15 years. [...]
tue-thu 16:30–01:00, fri-sat 16:30–02:00, sun 16:30–01:00
HotSpot Café
Jonge Roelensteeg 4
Gay bar with old, new & camp music video's.
mon 16:00–01:00, wed-thu 16:00–01:00, fri-sat 16:00–03:00, sun 16:00–01:00
logo Lellebel Lellebel
Utrechtsestraat 4, Rembrandtplein
Lellebel is a very small drag bar on the corner of the Rembrandtplein. This bar has a night licence and is usually popular with all sorts of people (and drags. [...]
mon-thu 21:00–03:00, fri-sat 20:00–04:00, sun 15:00–03:00
logo Montmartre Montmartre
Halvemaansteeg 17, Amstel / Halvemaan
Montmartre is small, crowded and noisy but fun. Dutch songs mixed with dance classics, Kylie with ABBA, hysterical guys mixed with old fags and Dutch celebs; everything you expect from a gay bar. [...]
mon-thu 17:00–03:00, fri-sat 17:00–04:00, sun 17:00–00:00
logo Prik Prik
Spuistraat 109
Prik is a very popular gay bar on the Spuistraat (behind Royal Palace / Magna Plaza). [...]
mon-thu 16:00–01:00, fri-sat 16:00–03:00, sun 15:00–01:00
logo Queers Cafe Queers Cafe
Amstel 60, 1017 AC, Centrum Grachtengordel Amsterdam
The former Rouge/Double D is now transformed to Queers Cafe. A nice cosy bar on the Amstel
wed-thu 17:00–01:00, fri-sat 17:00–03:00, sun 17:00–01:00
logo Reality Reality
Reguliersdwarsstraat 129, 1017 BL, Centrum Amsterdam
Reality is a gay bar with tropical flavour. It's located in the gay street Reguliersdwarssstraat, but on the other side of it, near Rembrandtplein. [...]
mon-thu 20:00–03:00, fri-sat 20:00–04:00, sun 20:00–03:00
Restaurant BurlesQue
Regulierdwarsstraat 47
Paris styled restaurant and bar
wed-thu 10:00–01:00, fri-sun 10:00–03:00
Rosario - Rosario - Amsterdam
Rosario is a gay / straight friendly night in pavillion Het Blauwe Theehuis in the middle of the Vondelpark.
logo Saarein Saarein
Elandsstraat 119
Saarein is a mixed gay cafe, but with a strong lesbian accent. Different theme nights attract a mixed audience.
tue-thu 16:00–01:00, fri 16:00–02:00, sat 12:00–02:00, sun 13:00–16:00
logo Soho Soho
Reguliersdwarsstraat 36, Gay area, Reguliersdwarsstraat/Amstel
Big gay bar in English / American style on the Reguliersdwarsstraat. One of the most popular and biggest gay bars in Amsterdam. [...]
wed-thu 18:00–03:00, fri 18:00–04:00, sat 17:00–04:00, sun 16:00–03:00
logo Spijker Spijker
Kerkstraat 4, Leidseplein
Spijker is a gay bar with a local crowd, most in their thirties or fourties. The bar is well known for it's pool table. [...]
mon-thu 16:00–01:00, fri-sat 16:00–03:00, sun 16:00–01:00
logo Taboo Taboo
Reguliersdwarsstraat 45, Gay area, Reguliersdwarsstraat/Amstel
Taboo bar is one of the most popular gay bars in Amsterdam. It's located in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, the main gaystreet. [...]
mon-thu 17:00–03:00, fri 17:00–04:00, sat 16:00–04:00, sun 16:00–03:00
logo The Queen's Head The Queen's Head
Zeedijk 20, Warmoesstraat / Zeedijk
Cafe The Queen's Head is a popular gay bar on the Zeedijk, very close to Central Station. [...]
mon-thu 16:00–01:00, fri-sat 16:00–03:00, sun 16:00–01:00

Gay cruise bars

logo Club Church Club Church
Kerkstraat 52, 1017 GM, Centrum
Church is a very popular gay dance & cruise club at the Kerkstraat (near Leidsestraat). [...]
tue 20:00–01:00, wed 20:00–04:00, thu 22:00–04:00, fri 22:00–05:00, sat 
logo Cuckoo' s Nest Cuckoo' s Nest
Nieuwezijds Kolk 6, 1012 PV, Centrum Amsterdam
Cuckoo' s Nest is a small gay bar... with a huge play area in the basement. There is a labyrinth with different types of cabins. [...]
mon-thu 13:00–01:00, fri-sat 13:00–02:00, sun 13:00–01:00
logo Dirty Dicks Dirty Dicks
Warmoesstraat 86, Warmoesstraat / Zeedijk
Dirty Dicks, the sleazy bar at the Warmoesstraat has been completely renovated May 2013 and with new staff. [...]
mon-thu 20:00–03:00, fri-sat 20:00–04:00, sun 20:00–03:00
logo Eagle Eagle
Warmoesstraat 90, 1012 JH, Centrum Amsterdam
The Eagle Amsterdam is a gay cruise bar in the gay leather street Warmoesstraat. In the weekend the coat check is open, otherwise you can use the coat check at the bar on the ground floor. [...]
 00:00–00:00, mon-thu 22:00–04:00, fri-sat 22:00–05:00, sun 22:00–04:00
logo The Web The Web
Sint Jacobsstraat 6, 1012 NC, Centrum Amsterdam
The Web is a gay cruise and pick up bar. Like the Cuckoo's Nest (around the corner), this bar opens early in the afternoon and is popular after work and early in the evenings. [...]
mon-thu 13:00–01:00, fri-sat 13:00–02:00, sun 13:00–01:00

gay friendly bars, cafes and pubs

logo 't Mandje 't Mandje
Zeedijk 63, 1012 AS, Centrum
The first, the oldest and most legendary gay bar at the Zeedijk reopened after 25 years. [...]
tue-thu 17:00–01:00, fri 16:00–03:00, sat 15:00–03:00, sun 15:00–01:00
logo De Jaren De Jaren
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20, Amstel / Halvemaan
Cafe De Jaren is a huge Grand Cafe next to De Doelen. Popular place for coffees, lunch, dinner or just a drink. [...]
mon-thu 08:30–01:00, fri-sat 08:30–02:00, sun 08:30–01:00
logo Exit Cafe Exit Cafe - Exit Après Chique
Reguliersdwarsstraat 42, 1017 BM, Centrum Grachtengordel Amsterdam
Exit Café gay friendly bar in 'apres ski' style and belonging to club NYX next to it. [...]
mon-thu 23:00–04:00, fri-sat 23:00–05:00, sun 23:00–04:00
logo Mankind Mankind
Weteringstraat 60, 1017SP, Leidseplein

Café Mankind is close by the Rijksmuseum, and the Antiques Quarter centred on the Spiegelgracht is only a few blocks away. [...]

mon-sat 12:00–00:00
The Otherside
Reguliersdwarsstraat 6, Gay area, Reguliersdwarsstraat/Amstel
This is a non-alcoholic and coffee-free coffee shop, Amsterdam style. Guess you know what we mean. [...]
mon-sun 10:00–01:00
logo Walem Walem
Keizersgracht 449
Very gay friendly and busy bar-restaurant with view on the Keizersgracht. For lunch, coffee with cake or dinner. [...]
mon-sun 09:00–00:00