Amsterdam Gay Pride / Europride
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Amsterdam Gay Pride is one of the most special and the biggest pride events around the world. During the first weekend of August, you can always enjoy a series of circuit parties, street parties and (of course) the world's only gay Canal Parade.

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NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam

One of the 5 star top hotels in Amsterdam located on dam square.

8.1 based on 5114 reviews
Hotel Estheréa, Amsterdam
Hotel Estheréa
Singel 303 - 309, Amsterdam

Hotel Estheréa is set along the Singel canal in the centre of Amsterdam, only 300 metres from Dam Square. This hotel is in a quiet area and benefits from classically-styled decor with wooden paneling.

9.1 based on 5042 reviews
DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station, Amsterdam

Brand new Hilton hotel next to Central Station, with a great view over the city. iMac in every room with free WiFi. On top the sky lounge with an impressive roof terrace

8.5 based on 4459 reviews
Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre, Amsterdam
Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre
Nieuwezijdskolk 19, Amsterdam

Popular and well located hotel.

8.2 based on 4158 reviews

News and updates

Amsterdam Euro Pride 23-7 till72-8 2016

<b>Amsterdam Euro Pride</b> 23-7 till72-8 2016

Amsterdam Gay Pride will host the EuroPride this year. The festival will last 3 weeks, with the first weekend  the Dutch national pride celebrations Roze Zaterdag. 

The second weekend will be 2 days of the open minded gay festival Milkshake.

The 3rd weekend is the big events weekend, with the famous Canal Parade and many parties. Some of the big parties are already announced and ticket sale is open. Amsterdam is very busy this summer, make sure to book your hotel now!

See our website for all parties and events.


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no photo
26 days ago   

The idea of a gay pride being held in Amsterdam is ridiculous: it's the dullest and most reactionary town in NL. It may have been something special during the second half of the last century, but those days are over.

no photo
4 months ago

Entirely true to form, Amsterdam was awful this Saturday night: ugly old men at the Cuckoo's Nest, ugly old men at Dirty Dicks, ugly old men at Eagle.

At Eagle, I got yelled at by a staff member for bringing a bag into their (half-empty) venue. The Dutch are truly the least customer-friendly people on earth. (For the record: I am Dutch. And well-travelled.)

I puked until there was blood in my vomit. Then I went home.

member photo pubichairmakeover
4 months ago


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member photo dutchhotman
over a year ago   

2014 was my first time in AMS: it was AMAZING! excellent: i have been to MANY gay prides but AMS is the best:-)

no photo
over a year ago   

Someone is unhappy not to get laid??? VVV

no photo
over a year ago   

It’s no secret that Amsterdam doesn’t attract gay foreign tourists any more, and this year’s pride made it abundantly clear why. 2014’s Amsterdam Gay Pride amounted to little more than gay blackface: a bunch of dolled up nellies having a boat ride and acting out every conceivable stereotype while straight provincials cheered them on (meanwhile hoping that their son won’t turn out gay, of course), while the night life and sex clubs still amount to fuck-all.
Sure, the venues were more crowded than usual, but they were filled with the same kind of dull, square, practically identical queens you get here the year round, many of them wearing the same brand of jock strap. In fact, Club Church was showing underwear commercials instead of porn. Gayness has finally been successfully commodified, or so it would seem.
Nearly everything closes ridiculously early in Amsterdam, usually between midnight and 2 a.m. –around the time when the parties are just getting started in most other European cities I have visited. Public transport stops at about 00:15. But that’s fine, because the pubs don’t stay open for that much longer afterwards anyway. Coffee shops (a rapidly disappearing sight) close at midnight, and there are preciously few all-night places. Amsterdam wants you to go to bed early, jock strap consumers!
This Pride weekend was supposed to be about all sorts of things, as street posters made clear: diversity, culture, tolerance, acceptance. All very lofty ideals of course, but the key ingredient missing from the mix was a little thing called ho-mo-sex-u-a-li-ty. There was absolutely nothing sexy or erotic about the whole thing. Gays are now being perceived as similar enough to straights not to be ridiculed and tormented, provided they limit their gayness to fetishizing the Eurovision Song Contest and colour coordinating their living rooms. Gay sex? What’s that? Not the sort of thing we want mentioned during Pride weekend here, really.
What I wanted to get from this weekend was a naughty good time with some horny, friendly, good looking guys. “Do a little dance, make a little love…” What I got was overloud crap ‘camp’ music, hordes of boringly dressed people drinking beer from plastic cups while talking about work (i.e. a typical Dutch party) and massively overcrowded venues that had cleverly upped their admission fee to take advantage of all the provincials turning up. Oh, and hundreds of police officers and private security guards to make sure that things staid respectable (not too much fun please, this is Amsterdam!).
For many years I dearly loved Amsterdam, but I have to be honest: stay away from this clenched-up Calvinist village with metropolitan pretensions if you value a good time. It looks beautiful, and it’s worth visiting in the daytime, but that’s about it. It’s reputation as a laid-back, anything-goes town reflects the ways it was here twenty years ago. Nowadays, it’s reactionary and boring. There are much nicer cities in the Netherlands. Go visit one of them.

member photo markthefish
over a year ago

looking forward to being in Amsterdam for Pride, looking for a good time

no photo
over a year ago   



no photo
over a year ago

thinking of going alone, im 22 and english, looking to speak to guys before hand, hit me up on skype @ ""

no photo
over a year ago   

hello! who is the parade of Russian or Russian language understanding? send me a mail or Facebook are

photo Kevin
over a year ago   

I went to Amsterdam Pride in 2010 and loved it. As a travel agent owner I decided to offer Travel Packages to Amsterdam Pride from South Africa. Visit High Flyers Travel website.

member photo Flevoboy
over a year ago   

no photo
over a year ago   

Hello from tel aviv
When is the gay pride
Send me email please
? Where can I stay with my small yorki dog

member photo Pegasus27
over a year ago   

Great event, getting better every year

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